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East Coast Maintenance & Management provides lawn maintenance in Deerfield Beach, FL. See some frequently asked questions below. Or, if you have a different question regarding our services, feel free to contact us!

Landscaping FAQs

What Kind of Work Do Landscapers Do?

Landscapers can do anything you desire for your yard. Mowing, raking, planting, pruning, trimming, digging, mulching, and fertilizing are standard tasks. In some cases, landscapers may design a yard and then make that design a reality, or they can install sprinkler systems to keep the lawn beautiful even when they aren't there maintaining it.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Landscape Designed?

This is a field that varies widely based on project location, scope, and size as well as the skill and fame of the designer. Costs may be low at $50-$150 or high as over $6,000. Landscape designers may charge by the hour, by project, or by area. Getting an estimate before beginning a project is always encouraged. Reach out to us today to assess your landscaping needs. We always provide quality yet affordable work.

What Are Some Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas?

The best way to get inspiration is to look through photos of properties similar to yours. However, there are plenty of common ideas that can work well in almost any yard. Adding pavers and pergolas, bordering a deck with flowers, growing a garden, or placing furniture can all be excellent ways to turn your yard into a work of art. Our professionals are happy to make suggestions when you need inspiration.

What is the Average Lawn Mowing Cost?

Lawn mowing prices vary based on square footage, lawn features, the terrain, and many other factors. For instance, it will cost less to mow and small residential lot than a large commercial property. We can often work with our clients to determine the best price for lawn mowing. Contact us for an assessment.

Why Do I Have Brown Patches On My Lawn?

Humid, warm climates can cause a fungus during the cooler months, but brown patches can also be caused by overwatering and rainfall. Compacted soil or poor drainage could also be causes, so you might look into solutions for these. Proper lawn care, aeration, and fungicides can help stop or prevent brown patches.